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November 27 2014

Idée cadeau : De jolis plats émaillés Falcon
Maple-Pear Sheet Tart
8 Things You Might Be Wondering About Cooking Turkey Right Now — Thanksgiving from The Kitchn
5 Mashed Potato Essentials — Thanksgiving from The Kitchn
5 Stuffing (OK, Dressing) Essentials — Thanksgiving from The Kitchn
6 Ways to Eat Your Fill of Pumpkin & Pecan Pie — Thanksgiving from The Kitchn

November 26 2014

Here's Your Thanksgiving Dinner, Made Out of Balloons — Thanksgiving
Yes, You Need One Green Dish on the Thanksgiving Table. Here Are 5. — Thanksgiving from The Kitchn
Our 5 Favorite Drinks for Thanksgiving — Thanksgiving from The Kitchn
8 Beautiful, Last-Minute Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table
Which Oven Should I Buy for a Tiny Kitchen? — Good Questions
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The Best Ways to Store Leftover Gravy — Tips from The Kitchn
Here's a Tip for Cleaning Up Every Last Shard of Broken Glass — Apartment Therapy
7 Food Containers Built For Travel (That You Can Pick Up Tonight!) — Product Roundup
Check Out The Kitchn's Brand New Recipe Search! — Editor Announcement
Thanksgiving Etiquette: What Not to Say at the Dinner Table — Food News
Watch This Adorable Hamster Eat a Proper Thanksgiving Dinner — Thanksgiving 2014
The 9-Bottle Bar Recipe: The Old Fashioned — Drink Recipes from The Kitchn

November Favorites


First of all, a reminder: if you’re in Paris this Saturday, November 29, I’ll be signing books at WHSmith from 4 till 5:30pm with my friend and illustrator Mélina Josserand and a platter of chocolate fleur de sel cookies. Please come and say hi!

A few reads and finds from the past month:

~ I was a guest on Radio Canada to talk (in French) about Edible French.

~ Have you ever wondered whether you could continue to cook if you ever went blind? Here’s how my friend Dave does it.

~ Bored with the pairing of beets and goat cheese? Here are five inspired ideas to break out of that rut.

~ A visual guide to determine the freshness of an egg.

~ What does a recipe editor do, anyway?

~ When and why it became socially acceptable for upper-class Parisians to smile.

~ A tempting maple syrup tart from Clamato’s executive chef.

~ Why does food stick to your knife?

~ To make bread, watch the dough, not the recipe.

What about you, any article or link that has stuck with you this month?

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