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August 21 2018


Pan-Fried Trout with Pecans and Brown Butter

This is Southern food maven Amber Wilson’s New Orleans-inspired take on trout amandine, in which toasty pecans replace the almonds. With brown butter, parsley, and lemon juice, they make an easy yet elegant topping for pan-fried trout. This dish is simple enough to make on a weeknight, but refined enough for company—and you could even cook it in a skillet over a campfire by the lake, preferably with fish you’ve recently caught from those same waters. Still, it’s fantastic with store-bought fillets too.

For another way to make this mild, sweet fish, get our Campfire Trout with Herbs and Bacon recipe.

August 20 2018


Plum Almond Cake

This plum almond cake is a classic Italian dessert. Easy to make from scratch, it boasts a delicate crumb that’s interspersed with pockets of jammy plum awesomeness.

Plum Almond Cake

This plum almond cake is an Italian classic. While we’ve got nothing against homey, which is what author Domenica Marchetti dubs this dessert, we think this lovely little looker of a cake has a...


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Happy Times by The Pioneer Woman

August 19 2018


Watermelon Sorbet

This watermelon sorbet requires no ice cream maker. Just watermelon, lemon, sugar, mint, and surprisingly little time in the freezer. (Doesn’t just looking at it make you feel cooler?!)

Watermelon Sorbet

This subtly sweetly watermelon sorbet screams summer. And before you sigh and say, “I don’t have an ice cream maker,” don’t worry, you...

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Comment faire le Foufou ou Fufu le plat traditionnel du Togo ?

August 18 2018


Freezer Tomato Sauce

This freezer tomato sauce is essentially a simple homemade spaghetti sauce you make from your glut of garden tomatoes, stash in the freezer, and thank yourself for having done so come winter.

Freezer Tomato Sauce

If having freezer tomato sauce at the ready is something that sounds pretty nifty to you, then chances are you need to drop everything and make this easy, fresh, homemade...

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Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade tomato paste is surprisingly easy to make in your kitchen. All you need are tomatoes, salt, olive oil, and a food mill. And time. Lots of good old-fashioned unattended time.

Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade tomato paste, or conserva di pomodori , boasts a deep, mellow, caramelized flavor that’s wholly unlike the acidic taste of canned tomato paste, according to...


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Pesto Genovese

This pesto Genovese is a classic Italian tradition that’s simple to toss together and has countless uses that extend way beyond tossing it with pasta.

Pesto Genovese

This pesto Genovese is a spoon-it-straight-from-the-jar-and-slather-it-on-everything sorta sauce with the taste of Italian tradition, the seduction of sophistication. You can toss it with pasta, natch. Although let’s...

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August 17 2018


Conférence « Comment rendre son alimentation durable »

Mes réalisations ont été nombreuses au cours de l’année universitaire écoulée et plusieurs projets passionnants sont déjà bien engagés pour l’année universitaire à venir. Quelle chance ! Je vous en dis plus dans une série de billets, dont voici le premier. Rendre son alimentation durable En 2017, je suis intervenue à la mairie de Sceaux […]

Cet article Conférence « Comment rendre son alimentation durable » est la propriété de Florence Arnaud @ Makanaibio pour Makanai.
Si vous le lisez sur un autre support, merci de bien vouloir en avertir l'auteur.


French Roast Chicken ~ Poulet Rôti

Poulet rôti, or French roast chicken, is a classic of the Franco culinary empire. And it’s so simple: just season a chicken with herbs, place it on top of root vegetables, and baste it with plenty of butter. C’est incroyable, non?

French roast chicken, called poulet rôti in French, in a white pan sitting top of roasted root vegetables

This approach to roast chicken is sorta like a French woman’s approach to tossing a scarf around her neck....

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August 16 2018


Banana Bread Muffins

These banana bread muffins are made with very ripe bananas, butter, flour, and a mini muffin pan. Top them with chai whipped cream and serve. Perfect for breakfast and snacks.

Banana Bread Muffins

“Wowzers!” “Incredibly moist.” “”An absolute knockout!” “Just the right amount of banana flavor.” “A crowd-pleaser!”...


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August 15 2018

Red Nose, Aching Heart by The Pioneer Woman

Chocolate Fudge Pops

These marvelous chocolate fudge pops are made from cocoa, coconut milk, honey, and vanilla extract. Tastes like fudgsicles. Perfect not just for kids but for the kid in you.

Chocolate Fudge Pops

We felt a little like Goldilocks when we tasted this recipe. Not too sweet, we thought as we licked the spoon. Hmmm, not too bitter, we thought after a little more reflection. And, we realized after we’d...


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Cauliflower Purée

This cauliflower purée recipe is made with Parmigiano cheese, yogurt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic. A quick side dish.

A blue bowl of cauliflower purée on a wooden table

Let’s be clear about one thing, shall we? Chances are that a recipe titled “cauliflower puree” and that has cauliflower as a primary ingredient is going to taste quite a lot like cauliflower. This may or may not be a...

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August 14 2018


Cherry Tomato Tart

This cherry tomato tart calls for a homemade herbed crust, heavy cream, goat cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and tons of tomatoes.

Tomato Cheese Tart With an Herbed Crust

Originally published July 8, 2015

An odd and unusual thing happened to us this summer in our garden. Something almost out of science fiction. [Cue otherworldly music.]

Let me back up. Before this year, The One’s and my vegetable garden took up all of a 10-foot circle around an old tree stump. We would dutifully...


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Watermelon, Halloumi and Za’atar Salad

This watermelon, halloumi, and za’atar salad is a marvelous Middle Eastern concoction with watermelon, cheese, cucumber, olives, grapes, za’atar, and sumac. As refreshing as a dip in the Mediterranean.

Bowl of watermelon, halloumi and za’atar salad, which also has cucumbers, olives, and grapes

This simple summer supper jumbles everything you might set out with cocktails or wine before dinner—summer fruit and vegetables and cheese–into a salad that goes just as...


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Peach and Crème Fraîche Pie

This peach and creme fraiche pie is pretty much summer on a plate. Fresh peaches and luscious crème fraîche are heaped in a pastry crust and baked until juicy, soft, and oh so sweet.

A peach and crème fraîche pie sitting on a window sill with a pitcher nearby

Whether you seek convention or innovation, you’ll find it in this haute yet humble peach pie, which draws on tradition yet still wields some surprises. Rather...

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Spanish Ham and Cheese Stuffed Fried Pork Chops

Award-winning chef Katie Button of Asheville, N.C.‘s Cúrate tapas bar knows and loves Spanish food, but wasn’t a big fan of the cheap, rubbery cheese usually found in this classic kid-friendly dish in the country. She stuffs the pork chops with nutty Manchego (kids who can handle cheddar should have no complaints), sweet and mild piquillo peppers (which you can leave out if need be), and thinly sliced ham. The panko crust crisps up in the hot oil and the cheese melts while the meat stays tender, for a weeknight meal you and your kids will love—but you can definitely serve it to dinner guests too.

Notes: If you prefer chicken, replace the pork chops with boneless, skinless breasts. Serve with our Spanishy Couscous Salad, and simple steamed, sauteed, or roasted vegetables, or even a green salad, on the side.

August 13 2018


Soupe froide amande et courgette

C’est LA recette de soupe de l’été : la seule et presque l’unique (avec son équivalent aux petits pois surgelés), trois ingrédients, un blender, et pas beaucoup d’huile de coude pour beaucoup de satisfaction… J’ai nommé la soupe froide de courgette, celleLire la suite

Homemade Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek-style yogurt is easy to make and so much more satisfying than store-bought. All you need is milk and yogurt or yogurt culture. Here’s how to make it.

Homemade Yogurt

Rich, creamy, uber satisfying Greek yogurt is soooo much easier to make than you’d expect. That’s what we’re hearing from everyone who’s tried their hand at this...

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